The riches of non ordinary reality are eternally within our reach, able to provide unfathomable wisdom and support. This draws us out of our suffering and offers us a rewritten life, as only the compassionate helping spirits can do.

My Story

It’s been a walk through the ancient ways; each discovery taking me one step closer to the shamanic traditions–the same traditions that are at the core of all healing practices and are 30,000 years old–so far. As a young girl growing up in Seattle, steeped in the Catholic traditions with a loving dose of spiritualism from my mom–she was a Catholic practicing Zen–my dreams were filled with premonitions of daily life occurrences along with an overwhelming pull and connection to the Native American traditions.

Upcoming Workshops


“Denise is a kind and wise soul. She held space for the group, provided the information clearly and with intention.  It is clear she is a devoted practitioner and teacher of shamanism.”

“I loved how calm Denise was–she took her time and that was comforting.  She was also very nonjudgmental which allowed more creativity to flow.”

“I loved Denise’s positivism and the safe space she created.  She was very knowledgeable, well spoken, had good answers.  She was approachable and had a hint of humor that helped it all not be too intense.”

“Denise’s expertise and wit made the material very accessible and memorable.  Would love to take more classes with her.”​

“Denise Paulette was a wonderful teacher to introduce these concepts and deepen them through explanation and practice.  Her humor was a blessing!  She’s very present with participants.”​