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The Shaman As Psychopomp

Shamans are concerned with the human soul, with healing during life and assisting the soul’s passage out of the Middle World after death. Familiar with the realms of the dead, a shaman can act as a psychopomp – a conductor of souls. A trained shamanic practitioner is able to guide the soul of a deceased person out of the Middle World to a place where the soul can receive help in taking the next step on its path. The focus of this training is on learning and practicing the psychopomp method. 

In this fully experiential workshop, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Explore what happens for human souls from a core shamanic perspective after they leave the body – the “destiny of human souls” in the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds
  • Learn and practice the psychopomp method to help the souls of the deceased out of the Middle World to a better place
  • How to locate a soul in the Middle World that may be stuck and in need of help
  • How to obtain the soul’s permission to offer shamanic assistance
  • How to guide the soul to a place in the Upper or Lower World where it will be helped to continue on its journey


PREREQUISITES (available online now): 

NOTE: Participants must be able to successfully journey in the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds, and have a strong relationship with a Power Animal and/or Teacher from the Upper or Lower Worlds.

  1. The Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman (in-person workshop)
  2. OR The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power AND Shamanic Divination in Practice
  3. AND The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive (available online only)
  4. AND Shamanism, Spirits, & Healing (available online only)

10.5 FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits available. Completion of the entire workshop (10.5 hours) is required for credit.


Non-Member Registration ($250)

FSS Membership Discount Registration ($230)