Shamanic Healing

Denise is not taking new clients at this time.

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing known to humanity.  As a shamanic practitioner I work with my compassionate helping spirits to help restore personal power.

Shamanic healing takes hold in the spiritual body which is then reflected in the emotional and physical bodies. Some work is felt immediately and other work manifests in time. All the work is a vital part of an individual soul’s path. Shamanic healing is an opportunity to re-claim the soul’s purpose.

If you are drawn to this work, I will assist you in your return to wellness by exploring non-ordinary reality with my compassionate helping spirits. It is their wisdom and healing that will provide a greater sense of well-being and a way forward in your life’s evolution.

The Healing Modalities I Use

Power Animal Retrieval: Power animals exist in the Lower World. They have the unique ability to travel all three worlds. (Upper, Lower and our MiddleWorld). All of us have many power animals in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do not have an understanding or an ability to connect to them. Having a power animal returned to you provides healing, joy and connection. Power animals can assist us here in ordinary reality for answering questions for us, issues of health, anxiety, and disconnectedness. They also teach us how to be in nature on the soul level. In non-ordinary reality, they guide us through all the realms and help us find our way home. 

Soul Retrieval: Traumatic events in our life are at the core of soul loss. During trauma, literal portions of our soul will leave our spiritual body to find safety. It is critical that these portions are returned. If not, soul loss can manifest in depression, inability to be with other people, and physical health problems. Through soul retrieval, we can begin to heal ourselves in ways that were not possible. Once the person becomes whole again through Soul Retrieval, they have access to all of who they truly are and can begin to lead a purpose filled life. 

Shamanic Extraction Healing: Our spiritual body is where all illness begins. This illness can create holes in the spiritual body which allows for low level spiritual interference to take hold. Spiritual illness will result in maladies in our physical and emotional bodies. Through extraction healing an individual can experience relief from physical or spiritual symptoms. 

Compassionate Depossession: In life, most of us experience spiritual attachments. These beings, for a broad swath of reasons, take up residence in our physical bodies creating unease that we cannot shift no matter what we are currently doing. Compassionate depossession work facilitates dialogue with the being to better understand it, assist it and remove it. The compassionate psychopomp beings (beings in non-ordinary reality with the ability to remove discarnate beings) work on your behalf to attune it to the Divine and safely remove it. 

Land & Space Clearing: Non-ordinary reality is a realm rich in nature beings, interdimensional beings, discarnate souls, and compassionate beings. Without knowing it, many of us can be living in places that have a plethora of non-ordinary activity. This can cause disruption in everyday life. By working with my allies in non-ordinary reality, we can alleviate, heal and bring harmony back to ordinary reality. 

Psychopomp: “Conductor of lost souls” is the Greek meaning of the term psychopomp. This method is used to help those of us that, for various reasons, have not yet been able to cross to either the Upper or Lower Worlds after we have died. Both these worlds are beautiful compassionate places that humans can choose to go to when they are transitioning. By working with my psychopomp allies we assist all those willing to cross to the Upper and Lower Worlds. 

Curse Unraveling: Life is a messy, complex path. It expands both in front and behind us. Curses can be past or present. They can present as illness or roadblocks in various areas of our lives.

One-on-one Journey Work Training

Shamanic Counseling: A training series designed by Michael Harner to teach the client to journey as well as assist them in formulating their intentions for the journey. In this work, it is the compassionate helping spirits that are your counselors. I am there to teach the methodology that will support you in your exploration of non-ordinary reality and working with the compassionate helping spirits. The series consists of five sessions in order for you to experience the full range of exploration, divination and healing. Clients taking this series meet their guardian spirit, practice and deepen their journey skills, receive guidance from their teachers and experience healing in profound ways. It is a skill that can be applied to all forms of energy work that require an understanding of how to journey. It is also a profound methodology for individuals to use to assist them throughout their lives with the daily challenges of being a spirit in a human body.

To Schedule A Session

HOW TO BEGIN: Please fill out and return the intake form and then click the schedule button to book a complimentary 15-20-minute call with me to share what brings you to shamanic healing.  I must receive the intake form before we can chat.

Complimentary calls are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday between 6:00-7:30 p.m. PST. If we are a good fit for the next step in your healing, we will book a session.  Sessions are scheduled for the weekends from 10:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. PST. Exceptions can be made for clients out of the country or in different time zones for mid-week evening video sessions.

BEFORE THE SCHEDULED SESSION: I take a divination journey to consult with my compassionate helping spirits on your behalf. In that journey I am told what work needs to be done. Depending on the work needed, it can be done in one or more sessions. I share this information with you during the first session.

THE SESSION: The session runs an hour to two hours depending on what work is being done. I use a range of shamanic modalities to ensure that your spiritual body can receive the best opportunity for healing in order to make lasting life changes.

THE COST:  All sessions are $150 for up to two hours each session.  Payment is through PayPal.  For distance work, an invoice will be sent to you along with the Zoom link for the session.  Please pay immediately before or after the session.  If you prefer a different method of payment let me know.  For in-person sessions, you can pay by check or PayPal.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance by email.  A late cancellation will be charged $50.


I have the pleasure of knowing Denise as a healer as well as a teacher. Denise has a gift for containing opposing forces with grace, humility, and a refreshing sense of humour. She is both serious and funny; down to earth and cosmic; respectful and lighthearted. As a shamanic practitioner, Denise is professional, welcoming and informative. As a client, I felt comfortable in her care, and thrilled about expanding the frontiers of my healing. Through core shamanic healing and teachings with Denise, I have deepened my connection to my self and my purpose, and show up with renewed presence and inspiration in my life. Thank you, Denise!

Beth Quintana, ND

I’ve worked with Denise several times over several years. She is so much good: a deep listener. Ultra prepared and dedicated to her clients. Takes all the time needed. Shows up in all the ways. Sincere. Genuine. Very very smart and intuitive. She is all a person, especially a person feeling shaky or in need, could hope to have by her side. She is an amazing teacher, 1:1 or in a group. She is a masterful ceremonialist. The Spirits love it when Denise is on the scene because they know love and change are afoot. And she has helped me. Over and over. Thank you Denise.

Kateyanne U.

I went to Denise in August 2018 seeking healing for a chronic illness that I’ve been struggling with for many years and that I had recently come to understand was deeply spiritually rooted. Denise performed an extraction and spirit animal retrieval and passed on information about specific plant medicines like dandelion that would help me heal. Denise is a gifted shamanic practitioner who collects specific, accurate information during divination journeys. It is evident that she loves her work and has a beautiful relationship with Spirit. If you are seeking a skilled and caring shamanic practitioner, I highly recommend giving Denise a try.

Megan V.

Denise is a truly gifted shaman. With gentleness and undeniable power she holds space and performs transformative healing work. Her space is warm and inviting as she welcomes you to relax and feel whatever may come up. Personally, I have been plagued with nightmares for as long as I can remember. After one session and some advice from Denise my sleep has changed entirely. I am now able to rest like never before. My dreams are now more like messages rather than horror films. With her assistance I have also been able to let go of negative attachments, move beyond past hurt, and see things clearly. Denise is a healer, a mentor, and a compassionate spirit. I will definitely be working with her as need arises for the foreseeable future.

Gina P.

In addition to being an incredibly powerful and talented healer, Denise is kind, loving, shrewd, and one of the most grounded people I know. I’ve received some amazing healing from her and her helping spirits, and she’s also just wonderful to be around – she creates a very loving and safe container in which the work can unfold. I’ve been working with her for more than a year and the healing that she’s facilitated and the support that she’s provided have helped to change my life in profound ways.
I’ve also taken a couple of classes from her and they were amazing. I’ve had a few different shamanic instructors and Denise’s style of teaching is definitely my favorite. Her sense of humor and down to earth approach are a good balance to what can sometimes be very intense work. I can’t recommend her enough as both a teacher and healer.

Shannon H.

Working with Denise allowed me to go within and actually meet myself for the first time. My highest self, the one that is hidden from plain sight because of all the buildings and concrete and fast pace of life, I am usually so distracted I have the hardest time even meditating. Clearing my mind isn’t an easy thing to do. I was faced with a major life decision and I requested an extraction to remove all the chaos and voices and daily burdens and get to the source of myself and the answer. The minute Denise began drumming my spirit took me on an amazing journey. I was able to not only create some clarity around my decision; I learned things about myself that have stayed with me today. I have since gone to Denise multiple times and sent people to work with her as well and WE all are continuously amazed and inspired by the spiritual work she does.
Sometimes working with spiritualists, they provide a service and you aren’t really sure if anything was done. With Denise, I was front seat and center in experiencing and seeing for myself what shamanic work is. I am much more aware of who I am, how connected I am and that I have a great deal of personal power in spirit that I am able to access. I plan to work with Denise and even learn more from her in the near future. Blessed and Thankful for the work she has done and continues to do. I would recommend EVERYONE to meet with Denise just once and experience the journey for themselves. Blessings.

Yolanda B.